6.5 Inch Lamborghini Hoverboard Blue

6.5 Inch Lamborghini Hoverboard Blue

$399.00 $299.00

1.Adopting top-notch self-balancing technology
2.Super quiet electric engine offers long-lasting high power
3.High speed, stable performance
4.High strength ABS material is tough and durable
5.Impact-resistant mudguard over two wheels, non-slip rubber pedal mat
6.Inbuilt 4400mAh battery lasts for roughly an hour of ride time at one full charge
7.Sleek design, lightweight, easy to carry
8.Entertaining recreation at home, at work, at your convenience.
9.Intuitive controls — shift your body weight to go forward, backward, left, right, spin 360° and stop


Lamborghini Hoverboard-Self Balancing Scooter,giving a much more stable ride and a faster response, making it safer and easier to control.   The turning radius can be zero, which means that it can be operated in a very narrow space, reaching almost every possible place where people can make.You can also stand still on it and even turn 360 degree in a spot. Just step on, you will be able to ride it.It carries two driver motors within the wheels that can be controlled with both feet individually for easy turns, rotation, acceleration and smooth breaking.

1.Maximum loads : 120KG
2.Maximum speed :Max Speed 15km/h(contain)-20km/h(no contain) Depends on rider’s weight, road conditions etc
3.Running distance : around 15-20km(depends on rider’s weight, road conditions etc)
4.Max tilt : around 15° to 30°(depends on rider’s weight)
5.high-tech 2 x 350W motor, with dynamical system and stable internal construction, the hoverboard gives you windless rideability
6.With aluminum alloy hub and high-quality rubber wheels, ensuring the weight capacity around 120kg
7.The 2 Wheel Board Cool LED light makes it safer to drive in low visibility conditions
8.Charging input voltage: AC 110 – 220V 50 / 60Hz
How to use it:
Step 1: Press the power switch to turn on self-balancing electric scooter
Step 2: The preparations for driving; First, step on one foot trigger the foot-switch.the system will come into self-balancing condition. Then step on the other foot to operate it.
Step 3: Take control of the scooter forwards or backwards, do remember magnitude of your body shouldn’t be violently.
How to calibrate your Lamborghini Hoverboard:
1. Before calibrating the hoverboard, please be sure you will follow the steps below carefully
2. Users need to turn off the Lamborghini Hoverboard
3. Put the scooter on a flat and smooth ground, ensuring both pedals are flat and parallel to the ground (This is very important)
4. Press and hold the power button until indicators on both sides are started to flash
5. After indicators flash for 8 times, turn off the scooter
6. Turn on the Self Balancing Scooter after several seconds, then you can ride it
7. If the scooter does not reset, please try the above steps again after 10 minutes
1.Users can not press the power button frequently or you may damage the circuit board
2.Low Battery Protection : when battery is lower than 10%, it will slow down and finally stopped working
3.Power switch LED : works when turned on and keeps twinkling under protection circumstances.
4.Voice Alert : Beeps when turned on and has a low battery capacity


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